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Track Your Competitors

AI to monitor your competitors.

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Website Updates

Monitor Latest Website Content

Want to know when a competitor changes their pricing? Or get a summary of new content they've posted? We'll let you know.


Team Social Media

Key Social Media Updates

We'll let you know the key updates across social media for your rival - including tracking the content of key members of staff like the CEO.


Technical Tracking

Search Engine and Tech Tracking

RivalCheck will report back each month on SEO changes for your competitor, as well as any website or newsletter technology changes.

Plans and Pricing


£237 / mo
Cancel anytime
3 Competitors
Monthly report on 3 competitors
Each report will vary based on their activity, but we'll look at:
🔍 Search Rankings
We'll track their search rankings for relevant keywords.
💸 Pricing Changes
If their pricing is public, we'll track changes to plans month to month.
✍️ Content Publishing
You'll get summarised versions of key blog posts and press releases.
🤖 Tech Changes
If they add new tools to their website, we'll provide you the details.
✉️ Newsletter Tracking
We'll give you the major updates from key public newsletters.
🧑 Key Person Socials
You'll also get summarised insights from a key person's social media.

Frequently Asked Questions


Give me the quick pitch.
RivalCheck tracks your competitors' online presence for you, and sends you a monthly report.

You pay a monthly fee, and we send you a report detailing the latest SEO, social media, and content updates from your target competitors.

How does it work?
We use a mix of automated tools and human judgement to track, review, and summarise interesting information from your competitors.

We'll take data from third party reporting tools, read the latest content they put out, follow key staff on social media - and then send you a report with the findings each month.

Can't I do this myself?
Of course you can. The cost to do it yourself is in the time and talent of your staff.

Or you can pay us to do it for you - for a fee lower than your out of pocket costs for someone in-house to do it.

Why should I trust you?
We have experience building tools and preparing competitor reports for a range of businesses.

RivalCheck is created by experienced marketers and software developers, who have worked with a range of businesses from small startups to large enterprises.

Can I track more competitors?
Our plan currently allows you to track 3 competitors.

If you need to track more, please get in touch and we can discuss a custom plan for you - however, we see diminishing returns above 3.

Senior leaders will only read so much data.

Can I cancel if I'm not happy?
Sure thing. You can cancel at any time, and we'll stop billing you immediately.

RivalCheck is what's called a "productised service". We bill you like any other subscription service, but we use the skills of our team as well as our proprietary software to prepare your reports.


Track Your Competitors.

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